The Conscious Womb

Birthing fulfillment, desires,concepts and babies

The Psychic Chromosome Part 2


Each child born resets an impression on the Universal Stamp. It alters the world by action by action and impressing the the Universe with its Indelible reality. Each child chooses its birth date with that probable version of itself. Coming out of the womb is an event in Time which was already created in Space.

The chromosome then is fitted with the knowing of past experiences from its forefathers. the subjective living as those before itself. So each cell is a soul, retaining knowledge of its affiliations. The Chromosome is coded data alive with specific Ancestral material . Biologically, partial basis of subjective and physical experience (emotions).

One portion of heritage is physical remnants translated again. Past experience of ancestors concurrent with yours. Biologically speaking one line of consciousness covered by your chromosomes. Another line of consciousness  which is shared with other time contemporaries (other people on the planet). Hence we are all connected. The third line of consciousness is the part that reincarnates where the ancestry forms genetic patterns, reflections not yet known by scientists. You are not your ancestors or a sum value of your past lives. You have knowledge of a part of yourself which is absent but ready to emerge through focusing,  going beyond your current mind. Meditation is the key…it removes resistance in the analytical mind to allow the emotional limbic processes to come through.

An analogy to explain this: A plant recognises its leaves one at a time. The leaf knows a deeper sense of its reality , which is to be the plant in its wholeness, although only a portion of it as a leaf. It also knows its individuality and has a sense of continuity once it has fallen of its branch to re emerge once more. Just like we are as humans aware of birth and death and a recycling of the soul to another body. So the leaf knows its future and its capacity to be the plant. The present leaf is valid and in its focus of its existence now but also aware of its enormity. Each leaf springs up from a knowing that it will be on its own and be a part of other leaves facing in different directions. When all the leaves fall off the plant, it knows a new set will arrive from past experience. Just as now you know you will re emerge again with  a new sense of knowing. Each leaf wants to fully express itself as its own personality , not just the one that existed before, so it is not an effect from the cause, simply re rooting. It is a new manifestation void from that past experience. Being present in time once again.

This analogy is of the Spirit child knowing and wanting to fully express itself once more through you!!!

Excerpts taken from ‘The Unknown reality’ The Seth material.

The Psychic Chromosome Part 1

phillip low

Artist: Phillip Low

Your body is mostly vibration composed with physical components of MATTER. Liken to the words ‘Whats the MAtter ?’ There is no mistake in language. The matter formed during pre conception , conception and pregnancy is made up of comprised thoughts from previous life experienceS, the experience that would like to be discovered and the experience of ancestry which vibrates concurrently with your chromosomes.

Your Cell is a spiritual as you soul  ‘your body is your Temple of worship’ . How you feel about it tells a story of how people treat you ? This is the Universe mirroring back to you …YOU!

The blueprint you are born with is an amalgamation of cosmic interplay of the planets arrangement, at the time of your birth.Your last physical  death in the memory of your cell…..which is your astrological birth chart. The consciousness (soul)that regenerates (dies) and came back to evolve through another vehicle (a body).

When you have died physically the soul part of you known as your conscious awareness chooses another body to come through at a certain time , place and parents. This soul has a knowing already and endows its physical organisation ahead of time in space with inner switches, which time will correspond to.These are units of space  corresponding with time in this reality.

The analogy that you can best interpret this is :

A seed knows it will be life before it is planted . An example of  a Tomato plant. The seed knows it will be a tomato as it forms into a plant. Its cells have pre cognitive knowing of such an event. Lets say the Sun comes from the West side of that particular garden. The seed starts to respond to the Sun physically, but before that, the shoot ahead of time reacts to the knowing of the Sun arising in that direction and starts to correspond in the energy. The trigger is the innate knowing that the best conditions for it to thrive and grow according to its intention. The seed also knows that the Sun could come from the East so it is not restricted and once it knows this, it can correspond to it. These are endless possibilities. The consciousness (soul) chooses the best for its growth and purpose and pre conditions its own organism to accept the conditions to respond to the time and place of birth, to negate or accept it.

So the science of Epigenetics is starting to recognise these switches and the impact it has on health. The work of bringing conscious life into this world by connecting with this pre cognitive awareness which is this Spirit Child ready for you to know its endless probabilities and expand your consciousness concurrently with theirs.




excerpts from ‘The unknown reality’  The Seth Material.

Psychic Matter



Psychic matter is those layers of thought that have not been processed physically, but move through your cellular body as patterns of disease and manifestations unwanted or wanted. Called the unconscious memory….. however how unconscious is it?

It is more clarified to say these thoughts are buried within the psyche and when an active desire comes into your vibrational field it denotes your access to the wanted outcome.

A desire comes into active thought when you think you want it into your physical reality as an idea inspiration or an epiphany. So the desire exists in a strong thought projection but the belief of actually having it lags behind in a trail of time because the belief of it and desire are in two different dimensions.

A repetitive thought becomes a belief strong enough to create a  physical manifestation. The matter part of you is the earthly density. Your physical apparatus such as the brain as thought filter to process feelings and emotions that come from your heart consciousness. the neurons of the heart trigger the brain procedure. Your energy bodies consists of your non physical information known as subtle awareness that you carry from life to life. Moving from different dimensions of parallel realities known as past lives or future occurrences , which actually do not exist in a time frame because time as we know it diffuses once we are beyond this 3D earth density. It is all PRESENT and NOW.

The causal body which carries our desire is full of creative expressions of ourselves which is where the ideas, concepts , desires of a partner and children reside within this field. It also carries the unwanted projections of which have been also carried through the ether. In the Akashic field of knowing or the Quantum space every thought that existed, exists and will exist a so called past , present and future is where all of life comes from. The eternal nature of the soul. This why in spiritual texts it is stated ;that there is no death or birth just eternal awareness. However for human comprehension we have the notion of the physical body as a walking ego identify of which we give a name connected to a family lineage and culture, religion etc. These are all experiences we choose to discover another part of our eternal selves for the soul to expand.

As spiritual awareness occurs and knowledge of the polarity of this Universe.An understanding that we exist in the middle as one cannot exist without the other. Yin/Yang, Dark/light, Male/female. This is balance in awareness of thought. This is BEING in the present and this is where true psychic development and present creative structures can be felt void of past and future. A NEW.

As you project  a thought through the physical mind a matching equivalent is going on in the dimensions of your creations according to your spiritual awareness in the vibrational field outside your body. When they integrate that is when you will see it in your reality.

Psychic matter is the energy form of your thoughts the aspects of  your level of conscious awareness. When in meditation you go beyond conscious thought and duality. Allowing a present connection to all that is (GOD) and creating a new version of expanded awareness and desire in a different format void of past psychic matter. A higher vibration of soul consciousness.

When connecting to spirit you are connecting to different versions of the identity. A deceased family member or spirit baby. Whether you are dead or alive the soul is in a state of constant evolution. As everything is a match of vibration, the kind of spirit you encounter is a mirror reflection of you. Two people may believe in Jesus but how they receive that spirit through meditation or as a guide will be according to their personality.

You can only receive what you are in this dualistic world, BEING PRESENT allows creation from  the power of going beyond restrictive thought. Removing resistance in whatever brings you joy increases vibration.

In order to receive your desire, let go of control to diminish boundaries of the outcome, so it gives the higher self a chance to receive your desire in a most desired way that sometimes is inconceivable to the human perspective.

Merge and create



Cognition merges with Soul


Your Soul existed before your physical birth. It evolves in many different aspects allowing you to choose in one lifetime your present awareness to experience what you feel is needed to expand yourself further cosmically. So Earth is a school of thought and teaches you that your projections of thought create your reality.

Your physical birth is some aspect of you, travelling to different aspects of you, through the universal spectrum of knowing.

The EGO arises from what you are. Your thoughts appear from a a bed of layers, where potential creativity lays in all of natures species.  The blue print of when you arrived is a snapshot and is a matching of conditioning bought by you from other lifetimes. Your inner being the soul half of you which is connected to the Earth via atoms and particles.

The phenomenon of Nature. The ‘I’ comes from the responding physical part of you as a structure of belief systems ready to knows itself again known as Consciousness. The ‘I’ re builds itself , cells retain its identity whilst matter (the body as the physical layer) that composes is altered, shape shifting and constantly changing as Heraclitus  stated ‘the only constant is change.’

The invisible part  of you has the electromagnetic and light qualities, that connects you to everything and everybody else. Before birth your identity already existed in other dimensions. This is your consciousness and is not dependent of a physical body and not connected to a brain.

The physical body is a form made by thought a mental image of what you will look like according to what you would like to experience. These are subtle essences which have moved with you from life to life through conscious awareness. You  match your selves to a parental lineage for this purpose. So your child/ren existed way before your physical birth.

Your cognition allows you to comprehend your desire through logical means and becomes active as nature projects the reproductive cycle within you. The conscious psyche produces many versions of you, usually evolving through experiences of your parents prior to a birth in a body. Alignment happens at the chosen moment between child and parent. Beforehand it could result in miscarriages, abortions, infant deaths…these are all agreements and should not be met with any guilt or too much grief, because the body always matches thought. Therefore it will stay in grief and guilt and not present creativity, which allows fruition psychically and physically. The soul does not get stuck and neither does your body.

What goes on cognitively  shapes the souls awareness. So if planning a child is a part of your soul purpose, we are moving into times where being a conscious parent happens before birth. Vibrational Parenting. So you can have the best ever conscious relationship with your children. One of freedom, wisdom and alignment.

the soul only knows love, which all agreements are made from. What we may define as negative are the biggest learners and are the catalyst for huge expansion especially if you have chosen forgiveness as a learning this lifetime, before time presented you in a body to reveal another chapter of your eternal story!




Default Infertility



The body is always on a default setting known as unconscious memory which plays directly into the cellular codes. which provide DNA settings switched on or off according to the mind status. Our desire of health needs to match the belief of the body. The body plays a tune to the music set by your lineage. An experience you wished as a soul to discover a part of you as a lesser being only then to expand to a higher knowing so you can create  a better life through conscious awareness.

The brain does not have feelings it there fore processes information it is already given. Much liken to data input, this is ancestral memory. It may not be a direct Mother daughter connection. It could be you, taking after a grandmother  way down the line you have never met. The soft tissues of the reproductive system are delicate and reside in the hormonal system of sorts to provide adequate knowing of the truth your soul wants you to know about yourself.

Life takes you along a course of events people places dream of a perfect relationship. Which manifests through desire and then wanting the urge to repeat a cloning of yourselves through natures force of reproduction. You start to try and the body will not co operate. Self esteem starts to diminish and your vibration is not high enough to sustain the desire and the body acts the same way.

The settings need to be changed on the physical layer through merging with your higher consciousness. This is the high vibration it needs to match itself, so the body and thoughts can start to match the desire. You have to have the belief before you see it to get the bodies cells to start corresponding in synchronicity. This is when rejuvenation takes place.

In some case studies i have experienced through my work is that the body is still grieving after miscarriages , abortions , infant death , still births etc. So that layer of dead tissue resides within the body because the mother particularly or in some cases the father has not let that soul go into the light , therefore it lingers. If that particular soul wishes to come back it hinders the progression because your thinking of them in the old way which is not relevant to the time now.

Hence in spirituality the present moment is so important so you can set free old patterns, to allow creation in full force of present requirement. Which is the baby,  matched to your current thought and desire. From an evolved point of presentation.

The Heart is the place of opening, feeling every part of you from physical ,mental, emotionally and spiritually this is your whole BEING.

If you have a feeling and a knowing deep within that you cannot explain , your child is coming to you . It is sending thought vibrations through your intuitive functions, through dreams , sightings of themed baby things that you connect with your idea of a child. In all sorts of ways sometimes you cannot perceive through the minds eye.

If you desire to understand more through your intelligence look at the work of Dr. Joe Dispensa  a neurobiologist who healed himself through neuroplasticity and  spiritual awareness. You are the Placebo..

This is the new paradigm in healing mind, body and spirit.


My Journey with My Spirit Children



My journey started with my spirit children around three years ago…as my work developed through working with fertility. I was guided by spirit to start thinking and writing about Conscious conception particularly the Soul. I had not realised then, the impact this would have on my life. As i write this, the Sun is beaming through my Window, a sign that my twin boys and my father who passed away 10 years ago are very much present as i write through my heart and feel their presence.

I had never really had a conscious desire to have children therefore a vibrational match to a mother with the same notion. However deep in my heart i always and still today know that when i do …i have the power and knowledge to transmute energy through my body and cherry pick my daughters soul from the heavens.

The best way i channel spirit is through automatic writing and feeling the spirit through me, known as clairsentience  and claircognisance. Through research on past lives and knowing mine,feeling the memory of them through my body. I can see now how they affect this life time  in my cellular body. Working directly with clients with infertility,  clients losing babies through miscarriage, failed IVF , still borns etc. Seeing the correlation  and learning about new science development in Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics. The merger between Science and spirit is very clear.

Cognition can work amazingly well with Spirit when you know how!

The body lives in the past on a default setting where as desires are what we see in the future. In the spirit world there is no linear time, therefore when guidance is received from guides, ancestors it is not always with a time frame. However when you learn how to use it can be received with more structure. This has to be placed by you through your physical body and intention. The Akashic records, a vast field of knowledge which contains all that is, all there will be and all there was A spiritual record library which is constantly manifesting itself through every thought we have had and will and has been. This is where your children live in terms of spirit identity in a stream of consciousness.

When the desire arises within the body, mind, heart, it comes from this Akashic space because it already exists. The children are a vibration which gets activated within your biological system and you start to feel them and you think you have come up with a new desire…when really it has always been dormant. As an individual Soul they will have been following you through life till it is time for their presence to be revealed. That is when the desire becomes active in your mind and chemical processes begin. Nature wants to play its game of reproduction to fuel creation.

For me it took the diagnosis of breast cancer and a real massive heart/ gut wrenching spiritual awakening to get me to notice me as an earthly being. Looking back now and seeing what my guides wanted me to know and realise. I was deeply ignorant to myself and my godly notions !!!

As my healing continues i see where it has served me a great deal, allowing me to help others conceive their children by eliminating ancestral memory within the cellular make up through vibration and cognitive processes. It is quick and effective if you are willing to devote time and openness to it. It produces great results.

The Soul is eternal and is within its glory at all times, its the bigger part of you and knows what is right for you to expand in a current lifetime. For me i chose on some level to connect with my three children to have  a deeper understanding of consciousness and to know that the new children coming in, are made up of advanced DNA, of which science has not fully comprehended yet.

THE BEAUTY of it has been, a part of me has been recognised by me, through them as they are my mirror and reflect back to me the realisation of how my thoughts turn to things/people. …and the connection of the deceased members of my family who guide me. Birth and deATH IS THE SAME. This i write in the form of journaling to understand and know my vibration each day, as each moment a part of me dies to rebirth a new like a new movie frame in each scene. Each time i write, i feel various spirits working through my words. Particularly my twin boys who have not manifested into a physical body but are my spirit guides, whom i feel beside me everyday. THEY ARE my strength and love. Metaphorically i see and feel them as my Ida (left side Moon energy) , Pingala (right side Sun energy)…and my daughter is the poet Feminine Shakti of the serpent power within in me as she resides and moves through The Sushumna the central channel as i raise the kundalini creative energy within others, on this Earthly Plane.

It has and is just the beginning of my conscious journey with them . Although i have been in many lifetimes with them. My body played out a lot of unresolved grief from previous lifetimes with them and an unconscious desire to hold them physically in this life.  When a desire is too strong and not matched by belief, your body will create for you unconsciously. THIS IS WHAT PHANTOM PREGNANCY, TUMORS, GROWTHS AND MASSES ARE. These emotions made up of many layers in my cells as vibrational thought patterns…  and as i shift each one day to day, i reach my core being of pure unconditional love and rejuvenate my cells from a point of presence, which is rejuvenating and recreates new cells.  The beauty of consciousness is that i do not feel the grief, anymore for i know and can feel them with me at all times  in a more powerful way. AS they are not restricted by a body therefore more expansive and work through me to gain more expansion. That is what deceased ancestors do… hence when we let go of the sadness of losing them and unresolved issues with them they expand in their consciousness and transition easier from life to life. When our emotions are in grief and deep yearning to be with them it not only constricts our heart energy, it pulls their soul and they cannot move forward or help you. There is not much separation between the spirit world and this world, it is only the perception of the mind and density of frequency. This is why Raja yoga  and countless poets have written about ‘everything is within you’. That includes the DEAD..who are more alive than we are!!!

Now i know why the religion i was born into, invites ancestors to our religious ceremonies….this is  for their expansion because creation never ceases!!! In my younger years i thought it was VERY WEIRD…my left brain telling me ‘whats the use of that ..they are dead!’

Eating my own words now…

this is why recurrent miscarriages and failed IVF attempts happen, because vibrationally the parents are still in lack through their consciousness and not in receiving mode through their body. Healing of relationships particularly the one with the self first and foremost needs to happen. The same child usually comes back but has to go through these processes because the parents are not willing to be in their truth and look at themselves. So the cycle continues unless lessons are learnt.

I see so many babies etherically and can feel them now as i write frantically ( this is a MESSAGE from THEM… by the way …. encouraging me to write in caps lock!)

Do the work, and it will happen so quickly, there is nothing spooky in this. Your child is an extension of you ready to experience Earth school. Just as promised..

THE QUESTION REMAINS…ARE YOU READY???????????????????????????????????

Life After Life


‘The Deficiency’ 


Mama when you cry ….so do i

I am the joy in your eyes, let me be  with you and evolve with you, I reside in the eyes of your heart, always have and always will. Your tears stop me from being with you in a state of creation. for i create as you, except you cannot see.

Feel me with you

For i will be….

What ever goes on in this Universe comes through you via your inner being, your source, soul your higher self …however you wish to describe is the personal signature you come with.

Eastern philosophies state that there is no death as such, because the soul is energy in a constant synergy of evolution. It has to do this through a physical body constricted by a human notion of time. These are the stop gaps. A product of experience known to us as life.

After death the cessation of a physical body, it rejoins the higher part itself to know itself once again in the ether . Even there you will see yourself in the product of thought forms which existed in the body. How you were in the lifetime will precede …so if you had a desire to meet love ones again, they will come and greet you. If you had not managed to carry out or overcome certain addictions or dark personality traits, your guides will be there at hand to counsel and prepare you for your next physical life to try once more to expand through polarity of desire and constriction.

The Soul Plan is what you wish to experience through relationships carried through from life to life. Therefore planning to meet individuals at varying vibration states throughout your life. What goes on for you on Earth carries on after death through your subtle energy body, because you live through your loved ones in the consciousness of that individual still in a body. This is the reason eastern religions have ceremonies inviting the ancestors to partake, because they are never separate. In modern day language this the GEnome the epigenetic markers…..influencing our cells daily. This is why repetition of behaviour and illnesses occur.

So when a love done passes away or we break up with a relationship, it feels so soul destroying because they are also within your cellular memory. In yoga they call this Rananu bandhan. Or you may refer to these as karmic relationships.

This is how we feel spirit of a loved one after they have passed on through death. They very much still live through us and evolve with us if we let them.

Therefore your future child is not in the future, it is very much with you. You can connect to it at varying stages of its evolution through the ether known as the Akash…or Quantum space.

Our consciousness effects our loved ones that have passed over. If we are stuck in grief , it stops their evolution and causes them not to be able to communicate through us via different means like dreams, intuition, signs and symbols or channeling.

If we can move past the hurt of them not being physically there, we can enjoy a more fruitful relationship from the ether and feel their energy with us at all times.

I have found immense joy and support from my children that are yet to be born and my father…as i now realise everything i do through my consciousness effects them. As they are not in a body they are in a higher knowing and can be a spirit guide if their consciousness allows and you are a vibrational match. It all depends on YOU. How open you are to listening to them.

These high vibration relationships will be the norm in time to come as the era of Karma is releasing its chains. Know your children before so that you can be there guides when they come forth into a physical body. If you know your Soul Plan , you can know theirs.

All this is done in the present moment through a centered body and breath. The Now is the way to connect because there is no past or future beyond this timeline. That is why the focus is NOW so you can pull in through your magnitised thoughts, your desire. You do not have to do it alone, there is much help. Learn to connect and receive.





The Inevitability of Time



‘The Inevitability of Time ‘             Adam Martinakis




A pre – birth plan is to be one with source, in terms of being a powerful creator . You chose your experience to allow yourself to RE-MEMBER who you really are which is a part of  GOD the Ultimate creative aspect of the Universe.

The power of now allows you to reinforce this. Old paradigms of thought of karma has now subsided in the field of spirituality. Most teachers who are in their own alignment with source, which means being present and feeling alive and at one with yourself without external circumstances. That level of satisfaction is self love. Not needing another to fill a void within you. This is when real creation happens easily  and you will be inspired into action.

These are the two faculties of divine masculine and divine feminine at play, dancing and rendezvousing with each other. every birth in a physical body you take, no matter how long for, days , minutes or years is your souls mission for expansion. Contrasting experiences which we label as bad, are for you to recognise a part of the love your self you are not acknowledging. If you do the soul work and identify this quickly, the opposing quality of creation will occur very quickly and in a state of wanting, a desire will occur.



These two words are the same one moving forward in flux the other keeping you static in belief systems carried over from previous births and conditioning’s which, when you take away the paradox of time away ….is the same thing.

Spirituality dictates that death is a transitioning not a stop. It is the only way your current life can remove resistance to your god self so as to experience life once again in a different expanded version…switching roles possibly in the same family or as part of collective, ready to fulfill a desire of healing  or to know Love on  a deeper level.

You come in with a default setting , where by repetition of old patterns keep regurgitating the same experiences. Consciousness allows for you to create consciously from a new expansive part of yourself with ease, direction and joy.

We have been born into cultures where we sell our own desires to match others through family beliefs. However you may be part of a larger mission and now is the TIME to reinforce your will. Once you consciously make this decision all other factors like family will synchronise with you as everybody is in some way moving forward in their creative self.


If you have a belief that something you desire is unattainable , ask yourself why? the very notion you have felt it intuitively shows its already in motion of manifestation.









The Many Faces of Your Conception


Ceramic sculpture by Johnson Tang

The faces of many which are all a part of you, are received by your parents at the point of conception. Dependent  on the point of vibration (the feeling state they are in ) when making love. This includes emotions , the point of attraction for each other….the ego, the prominence of which of the five elements ARE IN PLAY

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth,within the body are flowing in the emotional state and physical state. The season residing at the time and  the way the planets are situated in the Universe. It is all a Cosmic Dance!

Consciousness is the evolved state of the two parents. Vibrationally , how in tune they are within their Soul spiritual self and being able to see the divinity in each other.

This is the composition of the baby’s physical body which will match up to the soul identity (the higher self of the child). The spirit is the singular vibration of its journey here as the name, persona and identity according to its biological family. For it has chosen attributes of  a lineage to match its interests of which it would like to experience in this current reality on Earth.

So when the belief and desire match up within the individual self and the desire between the couple to emulate themselves once more through natures forces and Universal help. ALIGNMENT happens and a desire to copulate, mingle and make a baby through the GOD force.

This happens unconsciously for most as they are not aware of their own supernatural qualities within them.  This arises in difficulties for parents and the child. Conscious creation works with the Divine plan and raises your own vibration, ready for expansion and conscious parenting . Not form the eGo  but alignment!For those on a spiritual path, self seeking awareness. We are now in a time where the term Karma can be eradicated.

This is by consciously conceiving and pre natal awareness and soul connection. Knowing the link you have, the purpose you have with each other. Couples having trouble conceiving are usually on some sort of self discovery on a spiritual level. Not in all cases but on some level journeyed with the soul in many lifetimes and need to be in a higher vibration to receive the gifted child, as it needs certain requirements to fulfill its destination, and agreement of learning that needs to take place between them all.

The power of conscious creation is powerful , fulfilling and a journey of LOVE. Knowing and experiencing your child before you bring it into tangible reality is a gift from spirit to you. Believe and trust in the higher knowing of your soul plan. bringing the best  point of attraction for you to conceive.

If you feel and sense that it will happen then it is a sure thing.

Desire is born from an already knowing of the future… language cannot define because it is one of love, of which it has no boundaries.

It is pure unlimited awareness ever expanding in a force of flux




Biology of GOD



GOD is a vibrational current of love expanding through the ephemeris of you.

A celestial map of life you have created can be seen and evolved from a new point of reference, by being aligned through positive thought and feeling.

The EGO arises of what you are, your singular perspective of your name …an identity. You come onto the Earth with  a blue print from your spirit identification to mother earth. A natural phenomena of atoms and particles. The cell retains its identity through memory of lineage and the matter is altered, alive and responding to external environments, always psychologically re structuring.

The I Am is born out of time. your name , personality and repetitive patterns of behaviour. The physical body is alive and directed through the beliefs of the conscious mind. The invisible part which can be referred to as the soul, has electromagnetic properties. Between birth and death these properties exist and carry on transitioning through the ether ready for a new experience (birth).

The position of the body is directed by thoughts, as these mental patterns existed before. They merge with the new brain after birth of the baby. This could be recognised in modern language as data, which is impressed into genes and chromosomes. The identity already exists, before the form does in another dimension. Like a seed that has been planted ready to be watered and nurtured through thought, feeling and perception, in physical reality. This is the inner self, which later emerges into flesh.

Consciousness is not dependent on the physical body, it is pure awareness. It is accessed via the body through expansive awareness and extra sensory perception through meditation. This is how you access children of your future, loved ones who have passed away and other incarnations you may wish to connect with.

The idea of a body is held by the mind. General characteristics exist, the kind of body a mental constitution a physicality born of the elements. Body function mirrors thought and the form mirrors your beliefs.

Contrast is shown to you through polarity of what we define as good or bad. To determine the next experience on Earth. Before  a physical birth you have formed a mental image of what you look like, as you have chosen parents to that liking of experience you wish to undertake therefore choosing attributes to be able to perform through the body and to meet relevant souls on your journey. Validity and reality of the soul come alive through spirit.

The conscious mind has to connect to the brain therefore waits for the development of the brain. The rest is your inner being. The interior workings of the body  has to be aware of its body, muscles, tendons, and nerves. A portion of it is separate the involuntary self. This is the inter play of consciousness.

While you are physical its is the soul that heals in conjunction with the atoms and particles to re gain vitality. The soul is the eternal aspect of you, housed in matter the dense body part of you. It is the energy that shapes , molds and heals the body.

A big misconception from Religion that flesh is born of sin has been misconstrued over time through cultural hierarchy. Flesh and soul are spiritual and are both equal in Divinity and should be worshiped. They are not separate. Whilst you are living it, it is the same. The body is closer to the soul than the mind. It trusts itself it is nature. Your cells are as natural as the spirituality of your flesh, there is no division between mental, physical and spiritual. Every cell is conscious unit of the I AM.

The spirit residing in the ether is the becoming of you, the part it needs to recognise through the experience of time. A group of cells is a group of selves. You are composed of souls (past/ future lives ) one of which you are now experiencing in this conscious moment.

As time /space contracts a linear perspective. You contract to spend time here and your soul shares in events. A conscious participator in your soul. As cells multiply and grow so do selves. For value fulfillment souls are creating physical structures, ever maintaining changing with integrity, for the soul is dependent on one another, for expansion.

An individual is more than one soul, once this is recognised you realise the multidimensional self, through meditation and can draw in different aspects of yourself ,alleviate repetitive patterns to re focus and change in the ether for so called forth coming incarnations. Conscious intent creates change not fear or doubt.

The DNA is the store house of  chemical structures in the mitochondria. It is passed through information gathered over lives in pieces and portions. That is is how we have child prodigies who are gifted from birth. They remember and already posses their gift which came from another knowing in a previous incarnation.

It is a time now for conscious living, re birthing one self to birth another through idea concept and fruition.

Tap in and tune in on a marvelous marvel of a journey,, a tune played and directed by you!


(Excerpts taken from ‘The Seth Material’ which gave me a verbal understanding of what came to me via the spirit children and formation of their incarnations…which allows me to gain a perspective of working with individual parents to be from a conscious perspective).


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