Dialogue from the soul

by Darshna Parmar


Our womb is a conscious entity, it gathers, it nurtures

A definition of a woman.

Like the universe, she is a compilation of memory

A safe haven for growth, & nourishment by the Rasa of the mother.

She consciously knows what to do, the instinct is there, her heart is open

Ready to love and cherish a new life.

The love was already there, a desire became a reality.

‘My divine will to emulate myself was there, the day I was born

I love you my child, Can I do anything for you?

My guidance & support is there, so I can set you free to evolve.

Our souls have already met on this eternal journey

My pleasure to meet you again my son, in my heart’s desire you are.

Till once again, I am ready to create you, with the man I love

He loves you too, just give him time to remember as I do.

You were never forgotten in my memory,

When I awoke, you reached out to me

I am so happy to see you again!’