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Month: March, 2017

The Psychic Chromosome Part 2


Each child born resets an impression on the Universal Stamp. It alters the world by action by action and impressing the the Universe with its Indelible reality. Each child chooses its birth date with that probable version of itself. Coming out of the womb is an event in Time which was already created in Space.

The chromosome then is fitted with the knowing of past experiences from its forefathers. the subjective living as those before itself. So each cell is a soul, retaining knowledge of its affiliations. The Chromosome is coded data alive with specific Ancestral material . Biologically, partial basis of subjective and physical experience (emotions).

One portion of heritage is physical remnants translated again. Past experience of ancestors concurrent with yours. Biologically speaking one line of consciousness covered by your chromosomes. Another line of consciousness  which is shared with other time contemporaries (other people on the planet). Hence we are all connected. The third line of consciousness is the part that reincarnates where the ancestry forms genetic patterns, reflections not yet known by scientists. You are not your ancestors or a sum value of your past lives. You have knowledge of a part of yourself which is absent but ready to emerge through focusing,  going beyond your current mind. Meditation is the key…it removes resistance in the analytical mind to allow the emotional limbic processes to come through.

An analogy to explain this: A plant recognises its leaves one at a time. The leaf knows a deeper sense of its reality , which is to be the plant in its wholeness, although only a portion of it as a leaf. It also knows its individuality and has a sense of continuity once it has fallen of its branch to re emerge once more. Just like we are as humans aware of birth and death and a recycling of the soul to another body. So the leaf knows its future and its capacity to be the plant. The present leaf is valid and in its focus of its existence now but also aware of its enormity. Each leaf springs up from a knowing that it will be on its own and be a part of other leaves facing in different directions. When all the leaves fall off the plant, it knows a new set will arrive from past experience. Just as now you know you will re emerge again with  a new sense of knowing. Each leaf wants to fully express itself as its own personality , not just the one that existed before, so it is not an effect from the cause, simply re rooting. It is a new manifestation void from that past experience. Being present in time once again.

This analogy is of the Spirit child knowing and wanting to fully express itself once more through you!!!

Excerpts taken from ‘The Unknown reality’ The Seth material.


The Psychic Chromosome Part 1

phillip low

Artist: Phillip Low

Your body is mostly vibration composed with physical components of MATTER. Liken to the words ‘Whats the MAtter ?’ There is no mistake in language. The matter formed during pre conception , conception and pregnancy is made up of comprised thoughts from previous life experienceS, the experience that would like to be discovered and the experience of ancestry which vibrates concurrently with your chromosomes.

Your Cell is a spiritual as you soul  ‘your body is your Temple of worship’ . How you feel about it tells a story of how people treat you ? This is the Universe mirroring back to you …YOU!

The blueprint you are born with is an amalgamation of cosmic interplay of the planets arrangement, at the time of your birth.Your last physical  death in the memory of your cell…..which is your astrological birth chart. The consciousness (soul)that regenerates (dies) and came back to evolve through another vehicle (a body).

When you have died physically the soul part of you known as your conscious awareness chooses another body to come through at a certain time , place and parents. This soul has a knowing already and endows its physical organisation ahead of time in space with inner switches, which time will correspond to.These are units of space  corresponding with time in this reality.

The analogy that you can best interpret this is :

A seed knows it will be life before it is planted . An example of  a Tomato plant. The seed knows it will be a tomato as it forms into a plant. Its cells have pre cognitive knowing of such an event. Lets say the Sun comes from the West side of that particular garden. The seed starts to respond to the Sun physically, but before that, the shoot ahead of time reacts to the knowing of the Sun arising in that direction and starts to correspond in the energy. The trigger is the innate knowing that the best conditions for it to thrive and grow according to its intention. The seed also knows that the Sun could come from the East so it is not restricted and once it knows this, it can correspond to it. These are endless possibilities. The consciousness (soul) chooses the best for its growth and purpose and pre conditions its own organism to accept the conditions to respond to the time and place of birth, to negate or accept it.

So the science of Epigenetics is starting to recognise these switches and the impact it has on health. The work of bringing conscious life into this world by connecting with this pre cognitive awareness which is this Spirit Child ready for you to know its endless probabilities and expand your consciousness concurrently with theirs.




excerpts from ‘The unknown reality’  The Seth Material.

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