The Conscious Womb is an analogy for the power of creation.

Creation. A flux  in a continuum of universal consciousness

A meeting of my soul …..

Led to an ever evolving me.

I studied Ayurveda, as i loved its beauty and ethos. A genetic code which makes each of us an individual manifestation of the universe, yet still connected to one another. My body, made up of the five elements, identified my physique and emotional tendencies. I began to practice this healing art on myself and ventured into healing clients professionally, helping them understand  their innate nature and tendencies of behavior which can lead to creating ill health and lack of fulfillment.

Treating women in particular interested me more as i began to heal my own fertility on a deeper level through my diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 37. A realisation of my feminine self, began to occur. The patterns of  ancestral  memory  which had contributed to my illness, gave me an education as my awakened womb spoke back to me. Every cell is a mini me in the guise of mitochondria and has a vibrational quality. This is the matrix of DNA and can be altered through thought and eradicating belief systems held within us through conditioning.

The depths of our creativity lay through our consciousness, in the vortex of our energy body which corresponds to the cosmos. Through my personal spiritual awakening and working with clients my understanding of being and working with spirit through our logic has deepened my awareness and psychic development. Therefore allowing me to tutor others through my processes inspired by the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra and sessions developed through the Fibonacci sequence. 3 being a catalyst number into manifestation via sacred geometrical influence. This  has deepened my knowledge further into the mysteries of conception, epigenetics, pregnancy, motherhood and the divine feminine. Whether you are a man or a woman its the feminine half, our right brain functioning that allows us to create our desires, whether you are birthing  a business or a child. It is all Conscious conception.

My role as a pre birth communication mentor came through my spiritual evolution through meditation. Expansion of intuition took place allowing extra sensory perception to develop.  I would often sense a child people were trying for, or see a vision of their child/ren, as this continued i began to research on spirit babies, the departed souls of babies lost through miscarriages etc. I read the famous books on spirit baby communication. Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen, Stories of the Unborn soul by Elisabeth Hallet and Nurturing your babies soul by Clare Prophet. These gave me an insight into consciousness pre conception, the connection between the parents and ancestral patterns. Conscious conception is a big part of Ayurvedic theorem, and considered very important. This old wisdom can be applied to this modern day.

Each soul connection is a unique one between a parent and its incoming child. A connection which has been pre determined  by what you may define as destiny. They are streams of consciousness, a vibrational  energy current which matches your vibration, of thought processes and feelings over lifetimes. This stream which will manifest as a spirit in the identity of your child can  be accessed and influenced prior to conception and birth. This applies to every facet of life. We all create from our feelings and thoughts. I act as a guide and mediator to develop this relationship between them and you, which is actually  a relationship with yourself. Desires are fulfilled and the baby will communicate through  to you according to one’s level of consciousness and comprehension. It will be in the form of intuitive knowing, synchronicities, feelings, dreams, visions and channeled automatic writing.. The child’s consciousness is in a higher realm as they have not been born into physical density. They can guide you through removing unconscious blocks that may be blocking their conception, also showing you the mirror reflection of yourself through their behaviour. Knowing their purpose and their connection to you in this lifetime is of much value leading to conscious parenting once they are born.

Children are your outer reflection. They often mirror your vibration. Learn this essence of yourself and connect with the deeper part of you. This transpires to other areas of your life, work, relationships etc..

Meditation is the key practice, to open up lines of communication. You are actually tapping into a part of yourself by opening up to your soul  as there is no separation. Which gives you a huge insight into your own inner world. I have developed techniques to help heal infertility which include guided visualisations into the energy form of yourself, womb healing, inner child work and mirroring. Birthing a child and birthing your own fulfillment is no different it all stems from your power of creativity.

My writing is a part of my own expansion and expression of my work in the beauty of the feminine spirit, its potential and the awareness it will bring for others,  I wish for you to enjoy! and be illuminated….

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