The Conscious Womb

Re birth yourself to birth another

The Many Faces of Your Conception


Ceramic sculpture by Johnson Tang

The faces of many which are all a part of you, are received by your parents at the point of conception. Dependent  on the point of vibration (the feeling state they are in ) when making love. This includes emotions , the point of attraction for each other….the ego, the prominence of which of the five elements ARE IN PLAY

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth,within the body are flowing in the emotional state and physical state. The season residing at the time and  the way the planets are situated in the Universe. It is all a Cosmic Dance!

Consciousness is the evolved state of the two parents. Vibrationally , how in tune they are within their Soul spiritual self and being able to see the divinity in each other.

This is the composition of the baby’s physical body which will match up to the soul identity (the higher self of the child). The spirit is the singular vibration of its journey here as the name, persona and identity according to its biological family. For it has chosen attributes of  a lineage to match its interests of which it would like to experience in this current reality on Earth.

So when the belief and desire match up within the individual self and the desire between the couple to emulate themselves once more through natures forces and Universal help. ALIGNMENT happens and a desire to copulate, mingle and make a baby through the GOD force.

This happens unconsciously for most as they are not aware of their own supernatural qualities within them.  This arises in difficulties for parents and the child. Conscious creation works with the Divine plan and raises your own vibration, ready for expansion and conscious parenting . Not form the eGo  but alignment!For those on a spiritual path, self seeking awareness. We are now in a time where the term Karma can be eradicated.

This is by consciously conceiving and pre natal awareness and soul connection. Knowing the link you have, the purpose you have with each other. Couples having trouble conceiving are usually on some sort of self discovery on a spiritual level. Not in all cases but on some level journeyed with the soul in many lifetimes and need to be in a higher vibration to receive the gifted child, as it needs certain requirements to fulfill its destination, and agreement of learning that needs to take place between them all.

The power of conscious creation is powerful , fulfilling and a journey of LOVE. Knowing and experiencing your child before you bring it into tangible reality is a gift from spirit to you. Believe and trust in the higher knowing of your soul plan. bringing the best  point of attraction for you to conceive.

If you feel and sense that it will happen then it is a sure thing.

Desire is born from an already knowing of the future… language cannot define because it is one of love, of which it has no boundaries.

It is pure unlimited awareness ever expanding in a force of flux





Biology of GOD



GOD is a vibrational current of love expanding through the ephemeris of you.

A celestial map of life you have created can be seen and evolved from a new point of reference, by being aligned through positive thought and feeling.

The EGO arises of what you are, your singular perspective of your name …an identity. You come onto the Earth with  a blue print from your spirit identification to mother earth. A natural phenomena of atoms and particles. The cell retains its identity through memory of lineage and the matter is altered, alive and responding to external environments, always psychologically re structuring.

The I Am is born out of time. your name , personality and repetitive patterns of behaviour. The physical body is alive and directed through the beliefs of the conscious mind. The invisible part which can be referred to as the soul, has electromagnetic properties. Between birth and death these properties exist and carry on transitioning through the ether ready for a new experience (birth).

The position of the body is directed by thoughts, as these mental patterns existed before. They merge with the new brain after birth of the baby. This could be recognised in modern language as data, which is impressed into genes and chromosomes. The identity already exists, before the form does in another dimension. Like a seed that has been planted ready to be watered and nurtured through thought, feeling and perception, in physical reality. This is the inner self, which later emerges into flesh.

Consciousness is not dependent on the physical body, it is pure awareness. It is accessed via the body through expansive awareness and extra sensory perception through meditation. This is how you access children of your future, loved ones who have passed away and other incarnations you may wish to connect with.

The idea of a body is held by the mind. General characteristics exist, the kind of body a mental constitution a physicality born of the elements. Body function mirrors thought and the form mirrors your beliefs.

Contrast is shown to you through polarity of what we define as good or bad. To determine the next experience on Earth. Before  a physical birth you have formed a mental image of what you look like, as you have chosen parents to that liking of experience you wish to undertake therefore choosing attributes to be able to perform through the body and to meet relevant souls on your journey. Validity and reality of the soul come alive through spirit.

The conscious mind has to connect to the brain therefore waits for the development of the brain. The rest is your inner being. The interior workings of the body  has to be aware of its body, muscles, tendons, and nerves. A portion of it is separate the involuntary self. This is the inter play of consciousness.

While you are physical its is the soul that heals in conjunction with the atoms and particles to re gain vitality. The soul is the eternal aspect of you, housed in matter the dense body part of you. It is the energy that shapes , molds and heals the body.

A big misconception from Religion that flesh is born of sin has been misconstrued over time through cultural hierarchy. Flesh and soul are spiritual and are both equal in Divinity and should be worshiped. They are not separate. Whilst you are living it, it is the same. The body is closer to the soul than the mind. It trusts itself it is nature. Your cells are as natural as the spirituality of your flesh, there is no division between mental, physical and spiritual. Every cell is conscious unit of the I AM.

The spirit residing in the ether is the becoming of you, the part it needs to recognise through the experience of time. A group of cells is a group of selves. You are composed of souls (past/ future lives ) one of which you are now experiencing in this conscious moment.

As time /space contracts a linear perspective. You contract to spend time here and your soul shares in events. A conscious participator in your soul. As cells multiply and grow so do selves. For value fulfillment souls are creating physical structures, ever maintaining changing with integrity, for the soul is dependent on one another, for expansion.

An individual is more than one soul, once this is recognised you realise the multidimensional self, through meditation and can draw in different aspects of yourself ,alleviate repetitive patterns to re focus and change in the ether for so called forth coming incarnations. Conscious intent creates change not fear or doubt.

The DNA is the store house of  chemical structures in the mitochondria. It is passed through information gathered over lives in pieces and portions. That is is how we have child prodigies who are gifted from birth. They remember and already posses their gift which came from another knowing in a previous incarnation.

It is a time now for conscious living, re birthing one self to birth another through idea concept and fruition.

Tap in and tune in on a marvelous marvel of a journey,, a tune played and directed by you!


(Excerpts taken from ‘The Seth Material’ which gave me a verbal understanding of what came to me via the spirit children and formation of their incarnations…which allows me to gain a perspective of working with individual parents to be from a conscious perspective).


Conceptual & Synapse DNA



Gene expression is determined by cellular vibration. The vibration which has been passed down from the lineage it has chosen to align with in a current lifetime. A soul chooses its parents according to the experience it wishes to undertake through that particular incarnation.

It will choose its physical body mental attributes which shine through its persona and planetary positions of its birth time and position of the elements. All these components exist within the ether known as the Akashic field of thought. These subtleties are the tanmatras fine essences of the senses. This is where consciousness resides.

The dormant gene pool is the ancestral lineage you chose through patterns of behaviour over lifetimes wishing to expand at different levels. As the conscious awareness begins and you start to live vicariously instead of the default setting you came with. The vibrational field that surrounds your DNA is also dormant, this can be activated via meditation and visualisation where a merger of your spirit connects with your higher self, which is the bigger part of you in the Quantum arena. This is the vibrational pot of desire where all your creations are stored ready to be cherry picked. This is where premonitions and intuitive thoughts come from.

A child is one of these creations. It has already taken place. You have to conceive the idea of having it to create it in this reality. Desire and intuition come from an already knowing, a sense, a gut feeling. This is because it already exists in your aura. The more you feel it, the more   it can become. Believing is seeing. This activates the magnetic pull from the ether.

The conceptual part is through cognition matching the spirit ready to come through. The belief has to match the experience. Karma is this in action. Unconscious desires play out because you have  a belief that surrounds that notion. A belief that serves you, according to you.

The law of attraction is nothing but a gravitational pull of wanting a desire unfulfilled.  Activate your higher Gene pool the one That  resides in the unified field of thought. The resistance you have is through belief which then transpires into your cells.

Change yourself, change your gene activity. Turn on the switches through epigenetics. Change your thoughts through neuroplasticity by entering the higher part of your soul self. Bring in your desire by aligning.

Realise your Alchemy!

Understanding the Spirit & The Soul



The Soul is the larger aspect connected to Source (GOd). It is eternal energy that moves through the ether expressing itself each time through Spirit. A condensed version in an individual body, identified with a particular persona and name. As there is no time construct beyond this planet. The soul is expresses itself in many different ways, what we label as past and future lives. It is not linear  but more cyclical in nature,therefore  going on at the same time according to our linear perspective.

The higher self is our soul and when we meditate we connect and merge with that part of which is, all that is and what some may refer to as God. The soul is referred to the higher self because it literally knows the  parts of itself and the journey its  chosen to partake in many different spirit formations.

Creation in flux.

As time does not exist in virtual reality, your creations have already happened. When a desire arises in a thought form, through the body as intuition or an epiphany . Lets say a child. It can only come from a memory, something which has already been in the ether. All these memories are stored in the Akashic records as a compilation of all that there is, all that was and all that will be. Everything in the Youniverse is vibration, as are you in this current perspective housed in a dense body. Your vibration exists outside your body in the electro magnetic field. Through meditative brainwaves you can go beyond the body and access information from this vast field which is connected to one another through mass.

This is how psychics can read a so called future. They are picking up a visual vibration from a pot of creation that you have already created. When a desire for it comes through this  current life. Your job is to align with it so it can match the vibration of you and vice versa. For it to manifest.

Receiving a child from the spirit world is an experience of consciousness in formation. Through my experience of connecting with spirit children. I can see, feel aspects of their higher knowing and also the spirit personality of the baby wanting to receive its parents. As it may reveal a name or personality traits. The higher self of the child also will show itself from its other lives or revealing its journey here that it would like to experience for its soul expansion. After all that is what this EARTH SCHOOL IS.

We choose our relationships to expand ourselves. Hence we choose our parents, siblings and throughout our life soul mates termed good or bad. To get to know our god self once again which is pure love.

The beauty of knowing your spirit baby is a sense of connecting to the inner child of yourself which sets a vibration in the emotional body to receiving. An extension of your consciousness is the child’s nature as it receives components from you as your thoughts change your reality. Thoughts turn into things. Energy transforms into matter.

I have seen beautiful experiences where i have been using my healing technique…and the child comes from another life in this reality to help its parent heal and expand to receive itself once again in this incarnation. How amazing is that!

Before a child is born  it is in a state of pure love in the  spirit world where souls are transitioning from life to Life. They can be a spirit guide to a parent because they are not in a body they are not confined to a conditioned mind. Hence in a higher vibratory state. Parents that miscarry, have still borns or the child dies young. The spirit will often be around the parents helping them from the heavens, as do other departed family members. The reasons for the early demise is revealed as a part their soul plan. This connection can help individuals that are spiritually open to help with their grief. A good book explaining this is (James Van Praaghs  Growing up in heaven). Through my work i have seen that Spirit babies often come back to the same parents. As the parents soul evolves, so does the child’s.


This blog is inspired by my relationship with my own spirit children, who have shown me and helped my soul expansion of becoming a conscious parent, should i choose to become one in this reality. It has opened my heart to another level which i didn’t know existed and made me understand and learn further the eternal validity of the soul.

Everything exists in the Now. Creation it self is amazing. Creating new life and allowing its purpose to extend to this planet for the future consciousness to arise. Being a part of the journey of the spirit with its parents ….words cannot describe

IT IS an absolute honour to be a part of…always is …and always will be!


Neuroplasticity The Soul & the Cell



Neuro plasticity is the New awareness in Science, understanding the correlation between mind, body, spirit. A system based on neural pathways governed by our thoughts leading to emotion and beliefs stored in the memory.

Each cell is a mini me walking around in a current vibration set to its programming, this is how it plays into the body like a recording device. Cells have their own brain known as the nucleus. activated to its own expression , a job that is has to do expressing itself to a particular organ, tissue membrane, it carries out its functionality.

Consciousness resides in each of our cells as a personality carrying traits of genetic behaviour. This is outside the body and matches the intention we have through thought to the earthly matter of the cell. The two should work in harmony. Most of the time it does according to the settings of bodily function as the heart beating and breathing which comes naturally.

So Wellness is  a natural born gift , it is innate within us. DIS EAse  comes from a patterning of thought which becomes dense as a result of repetition. This through conditioning of the mind through the family line which starts to embed itself and repeats through continuous births, same mind sets, same beliefs , same body , same personalities. a natural cloning mechanism takes shape.

A doctor  will only see sickness in you as the training is so. However a doctor who believes in Wholeness. Mind , body, spirit  will see you in wellness. Only then can you start healing from a deeper level through your consciousness which in turn presents itself through the cells, as it becomes a natural thinking state for you to be in. Focus on Solutions not Problems.

This relates to any area of your life, work, fertility , relationships. The law of physics states …what you give out is what you get back. See your body in wellness and it will start to change on the neuro level triggering new neural synapses. over periods of time this will have a lasting affect.Supported by good nutrition and exercise, the right chemical responses will take shape in accordance, to the reality presenting itself through your thought which is is the vibration of your consciousness at any given time.

Thousands of years ago Ayurveda knew this and was written in a different expression according to the laws of nature. The soul as consciousness speaks to the body by intuitive thought forms and expansion, enabling change and growth. using our brainwaves consciously can have dramatic affects leading to great health, contentment and fulfillment on all levels of life.

Home is where the heart is and expressing love for your whole self is fundamental in any healing process. The brain is a mere mechanism to function through. Used in synchronous harmony. Many health ailments, desires of conception can be met.

A Unity takes Place…. between The Soul and the Cell



Honouring The Divine Masculine


Surreal photography :

I write this post in honour of the divine masculine in me and my relationships with men in my life from, soul mates to kinship’s and mostly my P apa. The dance of Yin and Yang has been a reflection of human conditioning since creation itself. The two forces kinetic and passive can also be destructive and creative. A cycle of continuum. The conditioned mind sees the masculine as direct destruction. However when seen when from clarity and a centered state. You will begin to see and play with both energies in the dualistic manner it was meant to be on this earthly plane.

When i meditate i see myself, this body as a human construct of time…and as i move through the orbit of space  the sun and moon move around me like a cellular structure. The sun is my father and my moon is my mother, both are representations of my masculine and feminine energy and how they move through me as energy and channel through my personality as forces of nature both kinetic and passive. These will be shown in your astrological chart of how you relate to your parents through where your Sun and Moon are placed and there directional strength. This is the conditioned state you bought yourself forward into this life to experience unconsciously. However As consciousness prevails within you and a clarity of how you became what you are.There is room now to create a new vibrational state beyond stagnant genetics.

The solar energy within you resides in the solar plexus and defines your personal power to be projected through this life as direction, focus, intelligence, action and transformation. The moon energy is the mind, passive filter, earthly in essence and is the vortex of which the masculine comes through.

its an act of Co creation within my own body. a merging of left and right brain. As i see myself as an energy being translating through my personality in my current name status. I meet and see my acceptance of who i am and how the feminine and masculine defines me and how this energy works through this instrument. There is no one way.

every one is different it how we perceive it is how it is performed in the dance of life.

Patriarchy only exists when a woman has no sense of her personal power and who she is as a woman, not what society dictates. Therefore gives it away to man…only then to blame him for overpowering her.

You are only what you attract. always go back to your core and re define who you want to be, let the Yin move around your Yang and let it transform through the solar plexus and express it through your heart as compassion, love for yourself, humanity and your beloved. Let the energy move to your throat to express through your speech in eloquence. revering to the world who you truly are. See through your 3rd eye and expand your awareness and become the oneness with your Source through the crown. See,hear, feel your visions and bring it down to your root to manifest in the earth for we live here in the NOW.

Co create with yourself and with your partner from observing the qualities within you collectively and alone. So it can manifest powerfully, be it a child or desire.

Its time to Stop attacking and blaming the outside world for your own insecurities.See your strength in your Beloved rather than an opposing force. Work with what you have. Have Gratitude for one another.

Sexual Tantra was not an idea to just have hours of endless sex and orgasms. It was to see, feel and observe each other in divine presence. As gods and goddesses….and use the energy to transform each other and transport this energy within and through each other to access higher dimensons. Therefore empowering each other.

Become Duality !!!!

Conceive it, gestate it, bring it to fruition, give birth & APPLY…..

As i recognise my divinity as a whole only then can i see the wholeness in others..



The Eternal Nature of the Soul



The eternal nature of the soul is the oversoul expressing itself in many aspects. An aspect is you in this present moment  We may think this is just it. However many lives and interpretations, you have experienced to get this far. Reincarnation  is not as it seems. It is not one life after the other. So their is no re incarnation but incarnation.

During your stay on this planet you perceive yourself as separate which is known as the individual. That is because you are experiencing your soul in a time space density. One format. As you begin to become aware of your consciousness expanding through meditation, you start to see and feel a multidimensional self, void of time. These are your past and future lives being seen through your emotion in your expansive state.

Soul groups are souls you have traveled with through many lives to experience different aspects of yourself in many forms of relationships. These will include your children.

Many will be freaked by this picture as it shows Kali breastfeeding her husband. If you understand the eternal nature of the soul. It shows one relationship in many forms and nature wills you to see and experience this in many forms. Look at your relationship with your partner and children and you will begin to notice your purpose.

The multidimensional self is you split into all your lives but experiencing it through your consciousness. To know this you can merge with your higher self and create the life you want. To realise these parts allows you not to repeat conditioning’s of the mind.

The mythology behind this image was to show eternal love thorugh many a expression. To pacify Kali’s rage. Shiva came to her as a child. Overwhelmed with love as a mother figure she began to breastfeed him. Two aspects of the same being, one love expressed.

The present is the now. PRE SENT yourself now in a different point of view, this allows you to re create your being. If you were watching the movie of all your lives. To make the movie a super hit you may want to edit the frames. This is done through the editor of consciousness.

Everything is a match to your consciousness. In nature everything from food to bodily fluids matches itself. A mans semen mimics breast milk, a lot of natures flowers look like the female genitalia. Fruits and nuts mimic body organs as the nutrients from these foods nourish particular organs and tissues. The Science of Ayurveda depicts this very well. The Seers  knew this. To get the best out of our human experience is to know and understand our duality within relationships. Our self first and the correlation to the opposite sex, our children, family and others.

Know your purpose here, live it beautifully , express it in the way your soul desires

Life is meant to be lived fully to be able to transcend the body to higher knowledge.

choose your next destination for it is all a choice.

Create your reality…thoughts turn to things!


The Conscious Womb Speaks!



How Visualisation Affects the Body



Visualisation is a form of self hypnosis. Hypnotism is no new phenomenon we do it all the time. The power of suggestion records every event in our body, the cellular make up. If we imagine the human existence as a memory board , it has come with  a set up program, what is known as the unconscious. Each cell is a device knowing what to  do already within the body. A job providing a service to an organ or a system in place to deliver output.

All programs need updating as new technology arrives. The outer shell cannot match the software. It is not aligned. This is how the Universe works in terms of desire and belief.

The law of attraction states ‘What you give out is what you get back’

Sounds easy!

It can be once the secrets of how to utilise become known to the human being. The existing you is a part of the bigger you attached to the Universe. That bigger you knows everything your soul desires and more. The smaller human componant which is you living this life in what we call the present comes with the original setting and will live by that algorithm if not conscious.

The unconscious is a make up of beliefs set up by parental, societal and cultural conditioning’s. If we do not investigate our own truth we live by those conditioning’s and copy states of mind which result in DIS- EASe, which is nothing but a repeated thought which in turn, solidify s  in the cells creating dysfunction.  Patterns of thought through the ancestral line. The genome as the science of Epigenetics calls it.

Changing a thought, changes your reality which can help you create a life you desire. It takes you beyond this life to pull out from your source, the soul self and bring it down here to create it in a tangible form. Neuroplasticity.

When in a state of meditation you transcend the mind which allows a merger with the bigger part of you, the soul. This enhances your intuition and gives you ideas and Epiphanies. To allow fruition of these, be it a baby or a passion. Change your ideas around conceiving it. It is the emotion which creates  a vibration in the body, that is when you feel it and  begin to act it and action it in everyday behavior like you already have it.This means it is closer to becoming a reality. The Universe will give you synchronicities like meeting the right people, finding the suitable surroundings. having the right body to  allow conception of a baby. Everything is a vibrational match in the YOU niverse.

Learn to feel your way through life and use heart brain synchronicity. SO to let the esoteric messages from the Universe be filtered through the brain….and change the algorithm to allow your desire to come through. When you try to create from a place of desperation the vibration you give out is just that, and unfortunately that is what you will get back. Go back a few steps and create  a new you with a mind set and emotion of receiving with joy. to do that find joy in everything you do. You cannot be rich if you do not FEEL RICH. that’s not always monetary.

Visualisation is a good tool to start picturing and mind mapping your desire. As it forms an image which is dense in quality and gets recorded in your memory. The more you do this, it gets imprinted in the brain and heart  through new neural pathways, which reveals itself through genetic behavior and your cells will start  to act differently to match the desire.

Altered brainwaves throughout the day are all self hypnosis tools. Meditation is not just for sitting in pose quietly. Its an active conscious exercise. A focus on anything for some time will be a meditation. done in  a relaxed state ..being centered. has huge benefits to the health but also increases your lateral thinking, secretes Oxytocin, the love making hormone. So make love to your own soul!

Being euphoric all day is possible…rise above negative thought.

After all it is just that  A THOUGHT!!!

And BECOME the desire you want….



I am God….Love & Lust


<a href=”; target=”_blank” style=”color:#3C0080″>I am God..Love & Lust</a>

Tickets available through eventbrite


Love…Lust & God


Love Lust  & God ……….There is no separation. It is all divine, oneness and Unity. A disconnection to ourselves is the disconnection to Source (God). To deny any part of us is to deny the co creative aspects of human kind.

Duality exists, Yin Yang ..light dark …male female. Polarity. To remain in this reality through your spiritual essence is to realise and embrace all parts of this and stay in the middle point. A Balance state.

Sacred sexuality is a merger between the body, mind and spirit, the journey of self discovery is knowing your body and how it correlates to your emotions  (energy in motion). Alignment with yourself first is to attain peace, joy, passion and creativity. an expansion of the energy centres, which gives rise to deeper intuition and  a knowing language cannot define.


Alignment is when this all comes together and you know your purpose, you feel fulfilled, healthy and have motivation for life itself and no other reason. The BLISS mode. The breath is the key to the unfolding of this life force or sexual energy and releasing resistance to the movement of it. The only thing preventing the flow of this life force is our belief systems and conditioning of the mind.

Religion and culture have bought a huge undertone of shame to the very essence that brings life into this world. this shame is now resulting in many reproductive cancers, growths and distortion of self image. the beauty that once resided in the creative act of making love has been diminished into closet state.

Everything in awareness is of beauty without judgement. Addiction causes depletion, Awareness rises to expansion.

The Vigyan Bhairava Tantra is a compilation of a 112 ways to be in awareness through everyday life, from making love to drinking coffee. Adhi Yogi Shiva taught his consort Parvati  these 112 ways to meditate. These can be applied to consciousness in day to day activities. An understanding of feeling centred. Going beyond polarity. Whether its through making love or just being in love with yourself, is when manifestation occurs as the unconditional self emerges. This is Vibration and when LAw of attraction yields.

You can only love another, once you have truly felt love for yourself.

Life itself then becomes a MEDITATION.





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