Create Your Reality

I am a reader of vibration. A Vibration is a state of consciousness from which thought arises, an emotion (energy in motion). Thoughts then create a belief which transpires into  form. Through energy transference, i can see and feel, the current creative ability of what the client is desiring, but is not able to manifest for various reasons  such as illness, or unconscious beliefs,  these all affect DNA as each of our cells has its own vibration quality through memory from ancestry. Through the various methods of healing bespoke to the clients spiritual openness, i help to facilitate the healing process and turn the desire into tangible reality. From personal fulfillment to creating a child.

This is similar to reprogramming the hard drive of the physical layer of the body at cellular level. So creating can be done from the present moment, void of ancestral memory and childhood conditioning’s. Ill health is created through the unconscious. This is reversible by changing deep rooted beliefs and restoring balance back into the body. Through the session the body moves through transitional hypnogogic states to induce new ideas of healing for the body. This is the body in its natural homeostasis which triggers natural immune response. New neural pathways are formed and synapses triggered. Turning thoughts into things! known as conscious creation. this can be applied to every area of life.

I recommend a minimum of three sessions especially with and deep trauma work, to be able to open the body up to its own intelligence of healing and expansion. This allows a deep level of awareness to arise. It enables inner guidance to be heard and used to manifest desires and work with the higher levels of consciousness, creating cellular change at DNA level. There after short Skype mentoring and remote healing sessions over the phone are available for existing clients, especially couples going through IVF and  fertility.

Consultations: £150 duration of 1-1 1/2 hours  bespoke to clients needs.

Each session will involve quantum vibration healing , guided meditations and mentoring.

Conscious Creation:   £150  Recovery from illness, expansion of creativity for personal fulfillment and corporate life.

Spirit baby work,  Fertility: £150 single person  £200 couple


Connecting to the unborn spirit of child before conception and developing a relationship.

Connection of the child’s soul to the mother whilst pregnant. which is an extension of ones own consciousness. Energising a golden chord between mother/father and child, develops a soul bond of consciousness.

Some consultations and healing can be done over Skype, or phone.

When you change your inner world, your outer reality follows!