Soul Dialogue Healing from Birth Loss



These sessions are to heal and connect on a deep soul level. It is for anyone who has been through the grief of losing a child in any circumstances.The soul is eternal and has been and always will go through many transitions known to us as life. These sessions are for individuals who wish to conceive again or would like to heal from previous losses and need to move on.

Miscarriages, still births, infant child death, are hugely debilitating and can actually stop the process of another soul coming through as the grief is causing resistance,therefore cannot be attracted in the state of receiving.

Once you can understand why this happened to you and know the bigger picture. Your mind ,body and spirit begins to heal and new receptivity will prevail.

Opening up your mind and understanding your purpose for this life helps to attract a new being, it may be the same child in a new soul formation as evolution has taken place.

Starting a dialogue with your own soul helps you start one with the child you have lost.

Be Open and understand the Power of Love.

Each Session: £150

A minimum of three required to open up to communication and heal. Then more sessions further to develop a communication with the soul. It will be received through dreams, knowing and experiencing the energy and intuitive thoughts and visual apparitions.