Soul Plan




A five session workout, using high vibrational work to understand your life purpose. when we are connected to source, we feel inspired, joyful intuitive and expansive. Desires are met. Most of all Fulfillment is PRESENT…

These sessions will include releasing emotional blockages to allow more life force through your body, to be able to connect to higher sources. Use these meditations and tools of automatic writing. Feeling loved ones who have passed over. Connect to deities you desire and understand your next move!

Investment: Total £750    £150 each.

Session 1: Quantum Vibration healing

Session 2: Quantum tune up plus meditation visualisations to connect.

Session 3: Learning various brain wave states of consciousness. Quantum tune up.

Session 4: Automatic writing. Meditations.

Session 5: Practice connecting to source, guides. loved ones who have passed over .Quantum tune up.